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2011 NFL Schedule Release Post April 19, 2011

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Obviously there’s no guarantee that there will be an NFL season this year.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be very excited about the release of the 2011 schedule, which just came out this evening.  As we’re coming up on one week away from the NFL Draft, it’s a very exciting time to be an NFL fan.  Moreover, with yours truly being a Green Bay Packer fan, life is particularly good right now.

Oh yeah.  I’ve been DIGGING on being able to see that and be reminded of all the great stars that came to Green Bay via the draft.  Of course, for every Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, there’s an Ahmad Carroll and a Justin Harrell, but that’s not the point.  It’s my blog, and if I want to cherry pick, I can, dammit!

Okay, we’re losing focus.

The point of this post is–of course–to discuss the schedule release of the Green Bay Packers, which has me very excited as a football fan as well as a Packer fan.  The schedule is as follows:

Date Opponent Prediction Comments
Sept. 8 (Thurs) NEW ORLEANS L
People start to worry about “hangover”
and how the Packers will fare,
forgetting that the Saints
are pretty darn good
Sept. 18 @ Carolina W
Carolina is still a trainwreck.
Sept 25 @ Chicago W
Packers will be rolling
after Carolina and start the
road stretch strong.
Denver is installing way
too much and won’t be
a big factor in 2011.
Oct. 9 @ Atlanta L
Atlanta gets their revenge
from last year’s divisional
playoff loss.
Oct. 16 ST. LOUIS W
A Rams club that barely
won a TERRIBLE division and
in Green Bay? Win.
Oct. 23 @ Minnesota W
Still not sold on
Minnesota without a
decent QB.
Oct. 30 –BYE–
Nov. 6 @ San Diego L
Packers are coming off the
bye and playing last year’s
#1 offense. Uh-oh.
Nov. 14 (Mon) MINNESOTA W
See prior comment. Playing
Minnesota twice in 4 weeks.
Pack looking to avenge a
loss to the Bucs. Keep
Blunt in check and it’s over.
Nov. 24 (Thurs) @ Detroit L
Short week and an up and
coming Detroit team leads to
an upset.
Dec. 4 @ NY Giants L
Packers struggled on the
road last year and the Giants
will be itching for revenge.
Oakland started to turn the
corner last year. Not far
enough yet, though.
Dec. 18 @ Kansas City L
Kansas City is a nasty place
to play, and their D is
The Packers will likely
need this one down the stretch.
With a full week to rest, the
Pack get their revenge.

As you can see, I decided to include predictions, just for grins. Without Free Agency happening, in addition to this being pre-draft, all of these teams will likely change dramatically between now and September 8th, provided that there is even a schedule at all.

Offer your thoughts, critiques, etc. in the comments, or even offer your predictions for your favorite team.

Thanks for reading!


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